Friday, February 21, 2014

Political Opportunism Or Epiphany?

Well, the more cynical among us might suggest that Andrea Horwath no longer has a monopoly on political expediency in Ontario. More trusting souls, in this breaking story, might suggest a different causative factor.

Young Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party, to borrow a phrase from his good friend Rob Ford, appears to have had his 'come to Jesus moment.' The hapless anti-wunderkind has renounced his heretofore unshakable commitment to right-to-work legislation that would ultimately destroy unions in Ontario.

The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.


  1. Any time an ideologue reverses course it's after running into a brick wall again and again and again.

    1. Judging by yyoung Tim's apparent lack of intellectual acumen, Mound, I suspect he has sustained several concussions thus far in his 'career.'