Monday, February 10, 2014

More On The Harper Contempt For Democracy Act

If twisted autocracy is not your political cup of tea, please consider signing this petition sponsored by The Council of Canadians in protest of the misnamed Fair Elections Act.

As well, please consider making a Call For Democracy to your local M.P. today sometime between 12:30 and 6:30 P.M.

You may even wish to invite your Facebook friends.


  1. Signing another petition will not lead to change. And promoting anything on right wing corporate social media is just pointless. There must be a better way.

    1. I just made the call to my Harper M.P.'s constituency office. I must confess, even though I held my temper (I didn't want to take my anger out on an employee), it was gratifying to express my contempt for her boss and her boss's boss. While such calls and petitions may not be efficacious, Anon, I fear the cost of not telling them what we think is too high in our imperiled democracy.