Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heather Mallick And The Climate Of Fear

Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick has a lacerating assessment this morning of the political landscape we now inhabit, thanks to the machinations of the Harper cabal. Owen, over at Norther Reflections, has a post on her piece that is well-worth reading.

I shall only add this from her column:

What an extraordinary thing to live a pleasant life in a western nation and yet fear your own government. But the Canada Revenue Agency’s new audits of environmental charities like Tides Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation and Environmental Defence in the midst of their continuing warnings about the effects of the climate-poisoning Alberta tarsands project are terrifying.

Harperites are sessile, “rooted to the ground and unable to pick up and move ... when conditions turn unfavourable,” as the New Yorker put it recently in a rather dismissive piece about plant IQ. They can’t adapt to the news of climate change so they lash out at those who have.

I have praised David Suzuki to the skies, most recently in a column about a performance staged at the Royal Ontario Museum about the damage done by the tarsands. Am I to be audited next?

Extraordinary, indeed, that we are witness to, and in many cases abettors of, an ongoing process of democratic subversion directed by the Harper cabal, culminating in a very real and justifiable fear of the government.


  1. Lorne, I sense a real undercurrent of sadism running through this government. I think there's a dark, kinky side to Harper that he masks behind his wet cardboard façade. More than just a tad pervy.

    1. Although I consider myself a student of human nature, Mound, I find Harper's psyche too dark, even for me.

  2. Anything left that Harper is not auditing. Anyone who says anything about Tar Sands or his re-election auditing becomes inevitable. David Suzuki is a threat to 'national prosperity' and he must be audited.

  3. I don't know about you, LD, but in my younger days I never would have anticipated these kinds of developments, despite my innate cynicism.