Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ten Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn’t Want You to Talk About

In Oceania and throughout the West, there are things citizens are not supposed to remember. After all, if we don't remember them, did they really happen?

Click here for a refresher course in the use of chemical weapons from some players we should be well-familiar with.


  1. Lorne, Washington may not want people to talk about it but it is common knowledge world over.

    Also I remember reading that Putin told Bush, "if Iraq is a democracy now then no one wants it."

    U.S. history is well-known and has the worst record when it comes to the use WMDs.

    1. In this wonderful age of the Internet, LeDaro, the usual suspects can run, but they can't hide. The problem, it seems to me, is that too many want to live in willful ignorance, preferring to believe, as many Americans do, that the United States can do no wrong.

      That notion is as absurd as it is demonstrably false.

  2. Oceania indeed.
    I have long been disgusted by the hypocrisy of war. And economics. And politics. We seem to be infinitely capable of rationalizing any and all behaviour in the name of something.

    Foo. Now all I want to do is go out in the woods and listen to the birds.

    On another note, I hope you and your friends enjoyed their visit to Canada. Can you recommend some reading for me to learn something real about Cuba? I read a lot of contradictory stuff and I wonder how to evaluate it fairly.

    1. Hi Karen. I like your prescription of going into the woods and listening to the birds. Time spent with nature can give us a perspective and peace of mind (however temporary) that has no rivals in the artificial environments within which we spend most of our lives.

      Our friends, I think, enjoyed their visit here. They are now in Montreal and will be returning to Cuba later this month. In terms of learning about the real Cuba, I can recommend the following offhand:

      National Geographic: Cuba's New Now (

      As well, i have links on this blog to three reports done on PBS about Cuba:

      Hope you find this information of some value, Karen, as it cuts through the anti-communist rhetoric that colours so much reporting on the island nation.

  3. Memory. It can save us or destroy us, Lorne, depending on what we remember.

    1. I'm glad that there are those who insist on reminding us of some very inconvenient truths, Owen.