Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Elizabeth Warren Speaks

In addressing a recent convention of the AFL-CIO, outspoken U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, about whom I have posted several times, offered some stirring words. Although directed to an American audience, her sentiments are equally applicable here, given the anti-union and anti-people demagoguery and practices of Mr. Harper's regime at the federal level and Tim Hudak's at the provincial (Ontario) level.

Although this excerpt from a much longer speech is brief and short on specifics, it is the tone that is especially noteworthy, along with the reminder that the fight of the people is the country's fight. If the people do well, so does the country, a wisdom and truth that our current Ottawa cabal and others have conveniently 'forgotten'.


  1. I don't know if you saw this, Lorne, but Warren has also denounced the U.S. Supreme Court, calling it "a wholly owned subsidiary of big business."

    Isn't it odd how refreshing it is to hear someone speak the plain truth?

    1. Thanks, Mound. I did see the video. I find that every time I hear Warren speak, my political cynicism diminishes just a tad.