Monday, September 2, 2013

A 'Sign' Of Our Debased Democracy

If you are under the impression that our Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows for freedom of expression, please be aware there are apparently severe restrictions on that freedom should you try to express yourself on public property in the vicinity of Prime Minister's residence; perhaps Mr. Harper invoked the notwithstanding clause?

Women told they need a permit for their sign

H/t Occupy Canada


  1. He believes, Lorne, that -- as he told his security staff -- he makes the rules..

    1. It's past time for Canadians to retake control of the game,

  2. .. an enlightened leader would surely advance & employ persons aspiring to leadership, enlightenment and intelligence. Alas.. our government and the RCMP does not read Fast Company .. or comprehend 'leadership'

    In a land of idealism, courage, manners.. even inspiration.. one might expect that two such Canadian women would be held in high esteem.. and invited in for tea .. such that their concerns might be heard rationally. Or at the very least, offered a cold refreshing drink and the use of the facilities.. politely and sincerely..

    That is the Canada.. that I recognize.

    After all, are they not people ? Canadians ? Citizens & part of the electorate.. ? They might be teachers, exemplars, scientists, court clerks, or the wives of farmers or miners. Active critical care nurses.. or economists or simply concerned Canadian humanitarians or parents of soldiers. sailors or air force service women or men. They might be influential voters or potential senators ! They might even be fellow Christians.. unified in Christ with Stephen Harper.. They might be Buddhists .. Does it even matter.. if they are environmentalists .. ? They did say 'please' .. a word unheard in Albertawa these days

    At the risk of being obtuse (re the linked article), I thought Stephen Harper only owned a house in Calgary, though its possible the deed is in the Conservative Party's name. I was not aware that he owned a single piece of Ottawa property, much less near the Langevin Block. I actually thought that in his domicile he was a guest of the Canadian peoples.. Perhaps I am wrong, and via an omnibus bill or fiat, he owns and is supreme master n commander of Parliament, Sussex, the tundra and littoral waters as well as the North West Passage .. and all navigable waters in fact

    In defense of these 2 sparkling women.. and their friend who joined them . I must ask.. What disease or mood disorder runs through our current federal government, security & policing agencies.. that unescorted Canadian women are accosted, intimidated & surveilled ?

    Is this the diseased residue of the shrill Joe Oliver pronouncements ? Or does this actually run down hill from the short pants PMO droogs, Ray 'keep them away' Novak .. or the rugged prissyman himself, Stephen 'I don't recognize Canada' Harper ?

    Seriously .. I hadn't realized critical aspects of our society had become so diseased..

    If our prime minister is such a beacon of Canadian values, tell me why he can't personally jump in a damn car and zip down from Sussex Drive and invite those women in for tea.. and respectful, polite attention ..

    My hat is off to these women .. Gianne Broughton and Janet Harris & their friend
    I would be thrilled to meet them ..

    1. Your comments and observations are well-taken, as always, Salamander. A legend in his own mind, Harper's obsessive need to be in constant control, even to the point of having his functionaries act as abrogators of our charter rights and Parliament to function only at his whim, suggests a pathology that should trouble all Canadians who believe that our country cannot be defined by the manias and imbalances of one man.