Saturday, September 21, 2013

Harper's Flock of Admirers

No doubt due to his hawkish support of all things Israeli, Stephen Harper is set to receive a singular honour from his Jewish admirers:

The Jewish National Fund’s arm in Canada is raising money to build the “Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre” in a nature park in a northern valley bordered by the Golan Heights to the east and the Naphtali Range of mountains to the west.

Always insightful, Star letter writers are chirping up with their opinions:

Re: Bird centre in Israel to be named after Harper, Sept. 18

The Star reported that the Jewish National Fund (JNF) “has helped the Jewish state acquire land, extend settlement, and rehabilitate the environment,” but it does not mention that the organization is very controversial, since it acquired much of this land from dispossessed Palestinians, has covered up demolished Palestinian villages with recreational parks and forests, and that it practices racial discrimination in the provision of land and housing by only leasing its land to Jews.

Most disturbing is JNF Canada’s project, Ayalon Canada Park, built over the ruins of two depopulated and destroyed Palestinian villages — Imwas and Yalu — as well as over the lands of the destroyed village of Beit Nuba.

Our politicians and banks should not be endorsing Palestinian dispossession. Independent Jewish Voices’ campaign to expose the JNF is a much-needed initiative for peace and justice.

Tyler Levitan, Campaigns Coordinator, Independent Jewish Voices—Canada, Ottawa

Reporting that an Israeli bird interpretive centre will be named after the Prime Minister, Tonda McCharles remarks that he is considered more hawk than dove when it comes to the Middle East.

If such a centre ever opens in our country, I suggest the ostrich — head buried in the sand — would be a more suitable Canadian symbol for Stephen Harper, who claims to know nothing of a deal hatched in his own office to pay off Mike Duffy’s improper Senate expenses.

Stephen Moore, Regina

Congratulations to the Jewish Community for recognizing Proroguing Minister Harper for what he really is — for the Birds — by arranging for such an honour to him in Israel.

In fact, considering the valued appropriateness of the dedication to Harper, I am offering my 50 cent contribution, when it happens, to build a statue of Harper in that location so the weary birds may rest their tired wings and deposit their appreciation as well. Congratulations, Mr. Harper, no one other than your American ally Barack Obama deserves a similar tribute.

In fact, since you are always willing to stand with your allies, regardless of the implicit dishonesty and fraud as there was in the case of Iraq, make an offer to Obama to have his statue built alongside yours — hand in hand. Dedicated allies!

Oh yes, if Obama agrees to have his statue thus erected, I will make a contribution of an additional 50 cents. How about the magnanimity of that, Mr. Proroguer?

Emanuel D. Samuel, North York

You can read more of their thoughts here.


  1. How apropos for a fascist vulture like Stephen Fucking Harper...


  2. Lorne, he deserves the statue as poor birds do need exclusive location for their droppings.

    Since Syria is embroiled in civil war this is the best chance to build this shithole's statue at Golan Heights - no opposition.

    Sometimes I find that he is more hawkish than even Netanyahu. Another one who deserves this honour is John Baird. For Baird Israel comes first than Canada.

    These abominable characters are truly smudging Canadian values. Shameful!!

    1. It is to be hoped, LeDaro, that most Canadians will see through this shameless attempt to reward Harper's unwavering loyalty for what it is - a cheap political ploy.

  3. I should add that the real threat to the world-peace is Israel and not Iran, North Korea ...

    Israel can have chemical weapons and use them on Palestinians and Lebanese. No problem! Israel also has over 200 nuclear warheads according to Jimmy Carter. However, if Iran is refining uranium for energy production then hell breaks lose according to Israel, U.S and our own 'grand' leader Harper.

    1. You've identified one of the truly pernicious double standards that marks The West's relationship with the Middle East, LeDaro. Israel's possession of abundant weapons of mass destruction is one of those inconvenient truths that few want to even mention.

  4. .. this stinks .. no its far worse ..

    I'm not sure re the DSM IV differential diagnosis of fatuous ignorance .. (or listening to voices in your head) but the Toronto arm of the Jewish National Fund and Stephen J Harper deserve consideration for thorough clinical examination.. They are at risk to harm themselves and others and need (not deserve) competent, 24/7 adult supervision, therapy and possibly.. (no, certainly) appropriate medication and careful follow up..

    And by adding John Baird, Jason Kenney, Julian Fantino and essentially all the current federal ministers, there might be a group discount.. even in a residential setting .. perhaps up near Attawpiskat or Fort Chipewayn .. or Kitimaat or Grassy Narrows where reluctant or withheld federal funding is purportedly someday soon.. available to help heal the needy ..

    Perhaps I'll feel more generous or understanding.. later today.. perhaps not ..

    The irony of including the word conservation or sanctuary, honor, world class, or nature park, dignity or interpretive or world leader.. in the same sentence as Stephen Harper seems to make my blood boil .. and I immediately hear the thrumming of war drums in the Canadian boreal, the rain forest, the prairies, the north, the eastern woodlands and the coastal reaches.

    The excuse for a man .. Harper .. and his ilk.. stands loud n tall while braying support for Israeli policy and apartheid .. yet failing to honor or support surviving wounded Canadian servicemen and service women.. instead he fights them in the courts and abandons them in their need. The facts are very clear on this matter.

    Perhaps the Canadian arm of the Jewish National Fund is OK with such shallow, cowardly duplicity ? Obviously Harper and his so called Harper Government is ..

    The comments are eloquent .. and help to properly paint the toxic pathways and appropriate legacy of this current failure of government and sanity ..

    1. Salamander, your comments make very clear why this 'honouring' of Harper and his ideology is wrong on so, so many levels. Thank you.