Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Easy To Malign The Poor

There are just so many of them, the reasons for which Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera turn their mighty intellects to articulate:

Please note that while the video plays in Explorer, it does not seem to work with Chrome.


  1. Lorne, these idiots are not worth listening to. Why anyone should waste time to do that.Certain studies have revealed that those who watch Faux News are less informed then those who don't watch news at all. Sun News is even worse.

    By the way despite that I am using explorer the video did not show. Maybe it is for the best.:)

    1. It is one of my guilty pleasures, LeDaro, to periodically post the sheer idiocy that passes for 'informed discussion' on American media. For those contemplating an entry into politics, there is probably a lesson or two in demagoguery to be had from such sources. ;)

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    1. Nothing more to add to that, Mound.