Sunday, September 8, 2013

A True Gateway Drug

For those who believe in the virtues of unfettered capitalism, you might want to read up on how teens and pre-teens are now ingesting nicotine, many for the first time, thanks to the diabolical marketing of e-cigarettes to them. Available in flavours that include bubblegum, cherry and strawberry, the lure is proving irresistible to more and more youngsters, many of whom 'graduate' to 'real' cigarettes once they are hooked on the nicotine:

Evil seems to be a wholly inadequate word to describe what is going on here.


  1. They should have a 'virtual' e-cigarette that you think you're smoking but you're not.

    Profiteers: “God thy name is Profit and we worship you from the depth of our hearts. You sent many Profits and we’re dedicated followers of them all. Amin!"

  2. To paraphrase a line from Apocalypse Now, LeDaro, "There's nothing like the smell of profits in the morning."