Monday, July 29, 2013

Wisdom Through The Ages

I have nothing to add to this:


  1. 'Someone' once exclaimed ..
    'you won't recognize Canada when I am through with it..'

    I now understand that 'someone's' sociopathy
    is that he's incapable of recognizing Canada

    He is always at the center of his fairy tale universe
    Leaside first, then Calgary, Ottawa .. Canada, the environment, law ..

    All revolve & orbit around his exalted presence.. he can do no wrong
    He must enlarge his colony .. sorry, I meant economy .. and deficits

    The DSM IV mood disorder criteria defines this as 'Omnipotence'
    Common sense sees it as lunacy
    Political science tends to define it as fascism

    Thank you for the succinct perspective from Plato ..
    this is indeed the era of rule by inferiors ..
    ethical rubbish .. political, and moral trash

    1. I was just thinking, Salamander, that it is time for everyone to show some respect for themselves and their fellow citizens by getting involved with the issues. If unwilling to do so, people need to be honest enough to admit that they hold themselves in such low esteem and others in such contempt that they are willing to consign all to the kind of perpetual servitude that Harper would approve of.

  2. Like essentially all the indy journalists and patriots .. it seems you are calling on Canadians to recognize the issues and act to counter undemocratic corporatism, the political parties it controls, the government it has captured .. and its disgusting underpinnings.. the folks that spread the poison

    So that would include critical examination of all the political animals, the pretend Canadians such as the John Bairds, Joe Olivers, Keith Ashfields & the PMO trolls, the data miners, the frauds like grasping bigot Tony (Penayi) Clement, the scientific minders, the robo and live call wanks and cranks, the greasy manipulators like Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay, the dim senators whether Liberal or Harper sellouts, the mainstream media zealots, the insiders such as Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton, Guy Giorno and carpet bagger millionaire manipulators like Nigel Wright or despicable bums like Bruce Carson or sanctimonious bigots such as Tom Flanagan ..

    Canadians simply need to measure their inherent beliefs and ethics .. & common sense
    against the posturing and denials flowing from our federal government on a daily basis ..

    That would be a good start ..

    Keep up the fine work .. !

    1. Thank you, Salamander. While the list of things that need our attention is long and perhaps daunting, if people are willing to concentrate on just few of the issues that affect their lives and ask themselves if the government is helping or hindering them, real progress in political engagement, I believe, will be possible.