Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Conservative And F-35 Myths

I have written numerous past posts both on the F-35 jets and the Minister of Incompetence who presides over the file in Canada, Peter MacKay. Despite the fact that the aircraft has had problems from almost the beginning, the myth of its superiority and the myth that it would cost our government $75 million dollars each persisted long after compelling evidence was adduced to disprove both.

Although it looks impressive, as the following short video illustrates, the accompanying story quite succinctly inters those two aforementioned falsehoods, along with the big whopper that somehow permeates the brains of the ideologues, i.e. the myth of Harper Conservative fiscal and administrative competence.


  1. Why the Canadian forces are even considering this over priced 'jack of all trades, master of none' jet when many twin engined, better performing jets are available at a fraction of the cost is a mystery.

    It's all about the politics and money now, I guess.

    1. I think that all taxpayers deserve far better answers than the Harper Conservatives have thus far provided, Anon.