Friday, July 12, 2013

And Speaking Of Walmart ...

Some days, corporate megaliths just can't catch a break:

P.S. I could only get this video to play in Internet Explorer, not Chrome.


  1. That was stomach-churning. When Wal-Mart employees have to fall back on food stamps and emergency room medical care, the free enterprisers ignore socialized corporatism. Maybe it would work to force WalMart to provide employee healthcare and reimburse states for food stamp claims.

    1. A very interesting contrast to Walmart's depredations is the social/corporate responsibility of Costco. I recently read that the average full-time Walmart employee earns about $17,000 per snnum, Mound, while Costco pays on average $45,000 plus benefits. The Costco CEO seems to understand that contented employees are productive employees; Walmart, on the other hand, seems only to be adept at worker exploitation and union-prevention.