Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Peek Inside The House Of Ford

Although the newspapers are apparently shying away from this, there is strong evidence of a breach in the dyke of official solidarity in Doug Ford's family. And that breach is his daughter Krysta, who, it seems, is unhappy with current societal regulations regarding Covid-19.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's eldest daughter Krista has a bit of a history with anti-vax rants, voicing her vaccine skepticismlove of poppies over masksdislike of vaccine passports, and steadfast support for fringe conspiracy theories.

The former football-playing 30-year-old — whose private Instagram profile refers to her as a 'police wife' — got heated on social media in both the figurative and literal sense this week, going on a sweaty cardio rant after her Toronto cop/bodybuilder husband was sent home on unpaid leave for failing to comply with the police service's vaccination mandate.

Sergeant Dave 'Juggernaut' Haynes (really, that's his actual nickname) of 31 Division has served on the force for 20 years, and wife Krista is furious about his suspension, a move which applies to all Toronto Police Service employees who refuse to get vaccinated or disclose their status.

Her fury is being vented via social media: 

H/t Caryma Sa'd

But wait! Justice is coming:

One ardently hopes that given all her furious spinning, some much-needed oxygen will make its way to her brain.


  1. That's something. You can see a strain of her father in the daughter, a reaching for absolutes, simplicity and a rejection of critical thought.

    1. In this case, it is clear that the apple has not fallen far from the tree, Mound.