Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Choice Before Us

Chris Hedges explains:


  1. What if he's right, Lorne? What if our last, best hope is resistance? Who among us is prepared to risk the intolerance of this state to acts of civil disobedience? With the surveillance Cyclops in place the federal government has already taken the first, pre-emptive moves to monitor and identify dissent. Total information awareness of the sort that notes and logs every time someone so much as types "dissent." I suspect Harper knows that progressivism today in Canada is almost entirely an affectation. Harper has co-opted both opposition parties to achieve his cardinal objective of shifting Canada's political center far to the Right. He realized it was more effective to dupe them into abandoning the Left than to take his own party to the radical Right. Now we have the Liberals as Conservative-Lite and the NDP as liberal centrists. As the LPC and NDP have gone ever further rightward they've picked up all the trappings such as neoliberalism and the embrace of market fundamentalism. Yet so many who proclaim themselves progressive will vote Liberal or New Democrat, rewarding them for putting their self-interest ahead of the country's. Ever since Ignatieff the Liberals have been a party of expedience in pursuit of political advantage. Trudeau didn't support C-51 because it was good for the country. He did it to position his party for what he had hoped would serve its interests. I find it hard not to despise the Liberals. In fact, I find it impossible. Apparently so does a growing percentage of the voting public.

    1. Things are growing increasingly dark, Mound, and the state has eroded our rights and freedoms slowly and insidiously. The other day I read a story about how Greenpeace is being targeted by the Indian government for their 'threats to the economic security of the state." it takes little imagination to see that happening here under the provisions of Bill C-51, along with the erosion of civil society institutions that are already being targeted by the Ottawa regime. I'm very worried.