Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cuba And Private Enterprise

Since we first visited the island in 2010, my wife and I have developed a deep respect and affection for Cuba and its people. As I have indicated in previous posts, those feelings were formed not just in the vacations spots we have enjoyed, but also by getting to know the 'real' Cuba through friends that we made off of the resorts.

On our last visit there, the people I talked to looked forward, guardedly, to the gradual normalization with Cuba's historical nemesis, the United States. While some North Americans have suggested that the nation will become little more than a colony of the U.S. once again, as you will see in this report from Democracy Now, new opportunities may well arise out of this meeting of socialism and capitalism.

I couldn't help but wonder, as you may too, whether the emerging Cuba might have a thing or two to teach inveterate capitalists, especially with regard to the benefits of treating one's employees well. A restaurateur who is featured in the video seems particularly possessed of a common sense that is sadly disappearing in North America:


  1. Lorne, great post. I believe that Obama made the right move. U.S. needs to learn a lot from Cuba especially healthcare. Cuba's public healthcare is way ahead of U.S. We had good relations with Cuba in the past. It is worrisome that Harper may mess up those relations. He needs to be stopped.

    I understand that people in some communities have added the word Harper to 'Stop' traffic signs. Good start. :))

    1. Hi, LD. For a so-called developing nation, Cuba does have some pretty advanced notions that put the U.S to shame.

      BTW, a friend of mine sent me an email yesterday saying he had seen the same message affixed to a couple of Stop signs. I guess you can't keep a good idea down. May it continue!