Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Start To Worry

This is, I believe, the second time in recent weeks that I have agreed with Rex Murphy. You see my problem.


  1. I disagreed with Trudeau's support of C-51 and also his excuse that he was only doing it because it was an election year. However, he did not manufacture the niqab issue. Instead, he said things that needed to be said to remind Canada of the discrimination against various ethnic groups and why Harper's targeting of a vulnerable minority was dangerous and wrong.

    Therefore, Rex was wrong in criticizng him on this point. I do agree, which worries me too, with Rex that there are many more significant issues than the niqab. That makes two of us wondering how we could agree with Rex.

    BTW, did you notice how he did not criticize Harper by name while ranting on about the silliness of the niqab issue? Coinicidence?

    1. A very good point, Anon. I did not notice the omission of the 'H" word in Rex's piece.

      I too was disappointed with Trudeau's stance on Bill C-51, which, for me, limits the effectiveness of his subsequent reflections on Harper's hateful divisiveness.

  2. .. fascinating to see the resurrection of Ethical Oil Ezra without the mild reprove of CRTC or The Sun Media gawds.. its Rebel TV now, reaching out to The Base with shrill reportage from the suspect C51 protests.

    The horror !

    It seems the families. teens, elders, babes in arms, even dogs on leashes are all Commies who have yet to read or comprehend the Bill to save us from ourselves, the jihad among us, lone wolves, libtards, and possibly those defending rabid boreal caribou grazing in the path of righteous benefits for all Canadians.

    To be sure the cost of spreading the Word of Ezra could sure use a donation.. so friend can you spare 15 bucks to ridicule all those Commies that rose up across Canada? I myself spotted a Mountie disguised as a 90 year old woman with a walker, so good to know Ezra's journalist had a witness. Some of the dogs were also suspicious looking

    1. I saw an interesting poster on Facebook, Salamander, that captures a slice of the massive misdirection at hand here: