Sunday, March 15, 2015

Has Mr. Harper's Niqab's Misdirection Worked?

You decide.

H/t Michael Nabert

Meanwhile, Bruce Anderson wonders about the implications for our democracy in Mr. Harper's pontifications on what women should and should not wear.
Stephen Harper says covering your face is concealing, not expressing, a “Canadian” identity. He didn’t argue that it was a security threat. He was saying that if this is how you express your personal values, it’s not Canadian enough for his tastes.

Initially his comments were focused on the citizenship ceremony. But he has since wandered further, hazardously afield.

The problem, he says, is that the practice of wearing a niqab is rooted in a culture that is “anti-women.” He appeared to be generalizing about the Muslim faith. His reference was not specific to the Taliban or the Islamic State, or any radical faction.

His point was that those who cover their faces are not making a choice of their own free will – but are victims of subjugation.

You don’t have to be a Muslim to wonder if this line of commentary from a Prime Minister is a healthy development in our democracy.


  1. I would think that, as a married man , Harper would think twice before telling any woman what to wear or not to wear, Lorne.

    1. Ha,ha. Perhaps, Owen, Laureen is not as constant a presence in his life, as he would have us believe.

  2. Maybe Steve has super X Ray vision that allows him see through the walls of the Chateau Laurier from 24 Sussex.

    And is Steve the chief of the 'secret police' or the 'fashion police'? It's all so confusing.