Thursday, March 26, 2015

UPDATED: Meanwhile, South Of The Border

Ah yes, that land whose political representatives make our elected reprobates look like shining exemplars. For this edition of The Dark Side, we return to the ongoing saga of Gordon Klingenschmitt (a.k.a. Dr. Chaps), recently elected as a Republican State Legislator in Colorado.

A man with many demons (which he regularly exorcises), in this edition he exploits explores a tragedy wrought by the 'demonic spirit of murder' that, it seems, has provoked God's judgement:

UPDATE: It appears that many Republicans and other right-wingers are disassociating themselves from this crazed evangelical:
“God did not will for this horrific tragedy to happen,” said Sarah Zagorski, who leads the anti-abortion group. “Sadly, Rep. Klingenschmitt’s comments take away from the seriousness of this tragedy and the aftermath Michelle and her family are facing.”
“Gordon does not speak for his caucus,” said Rep. Polly Lawrence, the House assistant minority leader.

“He does not represent the Colorado Republican Party,” said Steve House, chairman of the state GOP, although he pointed out that Klingenschmitt had a First Amendment right express his beliefs.

Several other leading GOP members denounced the lawmaker’s comments, including Laura Carno – who started a Facebook page in January called “Conservatives against Gordon Klingenschmitt” – and former state Rep. Mark Waller, who previously held the same House seat, reported the Denver Post.
I guess you know you are in trouble when even fellow-travellers repudiate you.


  1. Hi Lorne The fact that this man in the 21st century is a Republican State Legislator in Colorado is further proof that The US is intellectually and culturally bankrupt. I'm old enough to remember a time when US politicians talked politics and policy not the the biblical rhetoric they spew today. Americans should be at the very least embarrassed.

    1. And yet, Pamela, they seem rather proud of their dysfunctional choices. That I do not understand.

    2. Just as a large swath of the Canadian public seem rather proud of ours.

      It's time we stopped ridiculing other countries idiocies and lunatics. We have no moral high ground any more. None whatever. The days of being proud that we didn't get suckered into Bush's Iraq misadventure are long gone and irrelevant. Years ago we threw away our peace keeping tradition like a snot soiled kleenex - even though there are still fools around who think boasting about it displays anything other than gross ignorance of recent history.

      There is nothing admirable or worthy of respect about Canada or Canadians today. It's time we stopped pretending there was.

    3. I still hold out a shred of hope for something better in the next election here, Dana. If we haven't come to our collective senses then, I will reluctantly have to concur with your assertions.

    4. I share that hope, Lorne, but a hope about the future changes nothing about the present.

  2. I don't know how you bear to watch this jackass, Lorne.

    1. it's a dirty job, Mound, but it's all part of my duties as a jihadist against the fundamentalists. (Oops, did I use the wrong word? Will this catch the attention of CSIS?)

      Excuse me while I answer that knock on my door.


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