Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Go Ahead, Say It: "Climate Change"

Bill Nye, an eloquent advocate of critical thinking and rational discussion, urges newscasters to use the words 'climate change' now and again. There is nothing at stake except the reduction of ignorance.


  1. .. Bill Nye is a lifesaver .. and an exemplar ..
    I've written before about exemplars versus talking point spokeswanks..

    I also keep writing or commenting in the same vein regarding exemplars such as,
    say.. Alexandra Morton versus phony sellouts such as Peter Kent ..
    and this is staying within the environmental realm, and not entering the larger picture of evangel ideology or captured government necessarily..

    As you know, I always seek simple analogies or examples..
    so here's one for you.. tying in Stephen Harper, energy partners, Nigel Wright, Peter Van Loan, Keith Ashfield & Gail Shea, Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Joe Oliver, the late Jim Flaherty, Tom Flanagan, John Baird.. and any & all complicit partisans, donors, lawyers, volunteers, Party hacks.. In other words.. the Harper Conspiracy

    Imagine this fictional scenario.. and tell me how this would play out in the media.. in Canada, in the USA, Internationally .. The Harper Government after losing 5 or 6 consecutive appeals of a Federal Court directive, gives in and initiates a program to save the endangered wild salmon.

    Thank gawd..

    Ulp.. the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans in conjunction with his/her counterpart provincially agrees that poisoning Orca.. killer whales with radioactive farm salmon along the BC coast will save enough wild salmon to fulfill its mandate to protect endangered species under SARA.

    It is so far beyond reality that it is laughable.. frightening in its stupidity..
    presumes sea otters or bears, tuna and eagles, crow and wolverine will not also eat the poisoned salmon.. Its an environmental travesty.. the country.. and the USA & the world would come thundering down on such idiocy.

    Wait a moment.. that's exactly what our Harper Government did in Alberta
    airdropping poison baits to kill boreal wolves.. pretend to save some caribou after stalling and appealing for years.. Oh yes, they also agreed shooting them from the air would be OK
    Nothing like this happens without complete complicity, circling the wagons, doublespeak, obstruction of biologists..

    Multiply just the fictional scenario, or the real one via Peter Kent
    and you have Stephen Harper's ideology and marching orders
    and complete ignorance re environment and global warming..
    ie get our resources to China ASAP .. at any cost

    1. Wow! Quite the scenario juxtaposed against reality. I like it, Sal!