Monday, February 23, 2015

Thomas Mulcair And Joe Clark On Bill C-51

H/t The Toronto Star

Yesterday, Tom Clark on The West Block asked both Mulcair and Clark for their thoughts on Harper's 'anti-terror' legislation. You will note that by the end of the interview, it would seem that Mulcair's 'principled' stand against the bill is perhaps less than what it seems as he hedges his political bets:


  1. .. thank you for the very useful 'from the horses mouth' perspectives of Mulcait & Clark. Personally, I used to complain about the irresponsible behaviour of Media when 'communicating' facts or real events, to Canadians. Now I have to accept that those we elect as public servants are the most irresponsible.. indeed dangerous to Canadians. Worse, our.. government.. let me repeat that .. OUR government has become our worst adversary! Let's consider going forward as if that is fact.. and watch how Media and politicians respond on OUR behalf.

    1. Those of us who love this country continue to watch, wait, and react, Salamander. In my upcoming post, I have something about the Ottawa media that I find profoundly disturbing.