Monday, February 2, 2015

Herr Harper, His Propaganda Machine, Your Tax Dollars

Hmmm.... it seems that the CBC has not yet quite capitulated to the Harper regime, at least when chief appeaser Peter Mansbridge isn't hosting The National:


  1. of 2000 surveyed on the action plan ads
    only 6% responded to the ads
    and that was to complain about the program and ads?
    somehow that's awesome
    the liberal vrs current ad budgets surprised me tho
    i was in business for 40 years
    in a competitive field
    never advertised once
    do what you say when you say you will
    and word gets around

    1. Actions do indeed speak louder than words, lungta, but in the case of the Harper regime, empty rhetoric, lies and distortions are about all they have, and their contempt for the public emboldens them to even further and more outrageous flights of fantasy.