Friday, February 27, 2015

Who's Watching The Spies?

This from the folks at


  1. FYI .. you probably have seen this 'video' which is really an audio podcast

    Though off topic to an extent.. and different than the audio podcast approach I am developing, I admire its audacity and message. The author has chosen to encapsulate the broad failures and deceits of The Harper Government, whereas I propose to detail the individual un-Canadian actions executed under the direction and approval of Stephen Harper

    In the specific case of Bill C-51, experts far more informed than I are detailing its danger. What I see from my simple viewpoint is the need to tear down the facade of the political party snd so called government that is promoting this bill.

    Minister Blaney is no more the architect of this bill than I am. He's simply another cabin boy.. and a weak dim one at that. Of course he was one of the MP's who participated re the In/Out scandal & like Del Mastro another to claim he did nothing wrong. It was just a difference of interpretation of the law, between Conservatives and Elections Canada. We all know how Harper looked after that via Pierre Poilievre.

    The continued deceit in Question Period re CIRC 'oversight' needs to be hammered again and again by mainstream media and indy media at this glib dangerous cabal of whipped cowards pretending to consult or represent their electorate. Harper MP's Ministers PMO Lawyers & Party etc have lost their way so badly they can never come home.

    1. Thanks for the link, Salamander, and I agree that the myriad deceptions and failures of this regime have to be repeated and repeated and repeated. The trick, I think, is getting this information out to the right people, i.e., those who still think Harper is the best choice for Canada. it is a monumental task, but one well worth undertaking.