Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Perhaps They Were There For Crowd Control?

Given their losing ways, on one level it is not surprising that the Toronto Maple Leafs brought in the military the other night. But on another level, it is a disgrace that they have allowed themselves to become mere cogs in the Harper propaganda machine.

Special thanks to The Salamander for bringing this to my attention:


  1. .. pretty important to note..

    there is ZERO criticism of Canadian Forces implied
    ie I don't buy into the wedge politics jammed in our faces
    No bash of our military or higher command
    aside from at the government level
    where Harper, Ray Novak.. or Defense Ministry
    made all Canadians look cheap.. grandstanding, tawdry

    How the Leafs, CBC, NHL bought in
    or were dragged in, who knows.. it is what it was..
    If this defines Canada.. I don't buy it
    so who is selling it ?

    1. Given the new Harper electoral strategy of stressing the terror threat, Salamander, I have no doubt that this event was either orchestrated or heavily influenced by the regime. The very idea of using our troops to promote Harper's jingoistic crap sickens me.