Thursday, May 25, 2023

To Live In Ignorance

I am beginning to think that those who travel to Florida to live or play are either living in ignorance or engaged in some sort of massive cognitive dissonance. How else to explain the fact that it is is the fastest-growing state in the Union, despite the existential threats it faces through climate change? And the reactionary political climate cultivated by its governor, DeSantis, is characterized by repression, censorship and thought control, surely a threat to all who value critical thought and freedom.

Given the recent warnings about travel to The Sunshine State, it becomes apparent that people both inside and outside the state need to educate themselves about the dangers posed by reactionary lawmakers. The movie clip below from Inherit The Wind might be a good place to start:


  1. At some age
    often very early
    you realize that the blogs and comments,
    voting and worry, strong arguments
    seem to have zero effects on outcomes
    homosapien is not homogeneous
    To each their own.
    Agree to disagree
    No matter what you believe is right
    Self realization is never delivered by others by .
    On a non repeating but rhyming note from Rick and Morty
    "I am old.
    I will die soon.
    And due to the absolute massive infinity of the Universe absolutely nothing matters."

    1. On the other hand, lungta, some of us like to rage, rage against the dying of the mind, to paraphrase Mr. Thomas, whether it forks any lightning or not.

  2. I have come to accept that humanity will destroy itself through it's addiction to fossil fuels.
    That said I will make every effort I can to make those who enable the situation to have a miserable life.
    May as well go own kicking and screaming!
    As for Florida?
    WGAF at least we know where the assholes of this self centred selfish world live!
    Ron De Santis is the King Canute of the USA.

    In Huntingdon's account, Canute set his throne by the sea shore and commanded the incoming tide to halt and not to wet his feet and robes. Yet "continuing to rise as usual [the tide] dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person.

    Powerful men and science never agreed ??


    1. I'm for going down fighting as well, TB. Why make it any easier for these people? BTW, the King Canute reference is most apt!

  3. Other forms of ignorance are readily available!
    When the message from media is controlled directly or indirectly that is through state controlled media or , more often, advertising controlled media the truth is lost!!!!
    Most media relies on advertising!
    Revenue dictates the information we see or read?


    1. The only defence there can be is to read as widely as possible from a variety of sources, TB. There is still some fearless journalism out there.