Friday, February 1, 2019

A Powerful, Impassioned Message From Ellen Page

One that needs no comment from me:


  1. .. thanks for that Lorne.. Whew !
    As we used to say, back in the day .. 'she got after it'
    I try here & there to jam in my thoughts about faux christians
    the holier than thous, weird Mormons.. and the very worst
    the 'public servants' evangelical bigots, haters & scumbags
    Hell, when young, I was bullied for being small, now I'm tall
    but back then nobody, no government tried to legislate against 'small'
    Will sign out with that impassioned cry in my mind..

    On a sidenote.. there seems a tiny tempest a going
    Simon on his war pony.. Mound being Mound .. and ?
    Saw your name and site mentioned in poorly thought out
    comments to Simon re such teapot tempest
    ans some fragments.. a tich disparaging of Progressive Bloggers
    C'est la via.. shrugs.. but I dropped a line or two to you know who
    suggesting folks with a peeve let er rest.. eh
    Last thing I want to see or read is useless divisive 'factioning' ..
    simply because Mound 'hogged the front page' .. (snorts.. )
    To me PG is a precious resource..
    a portal to perspectives, links & highly consumable essays
    that I would rarely find on Mainstream Media
    Keep up the good work.. I do hope Norm is feeling better
    though his post was depressing.. it was a wakeup call
    He does convey so much.. somehow.. with so few words !

    1. The older I get, Sal, the more I ask the same fundamental questions I asked in my naive youth. Why, for example, can't people just leave other people with whom they disagree alone? The evangelicals get into high dudgeon over those who don't share their philosophy/orientation, all in the name of 'saving souls' when, in fact all they are really doing is allowing their inner demons, the dark side of our species, to emerge. Hatred, intolerance and divisiveness are the devil's tools, to use vernacular they might understand.

      The same goes for those with whom we disagree. In my writing, I try to target only those who promote views that, no matter how cleverly disguised, promote and extol a corrupt status quo that is devoted to the continual exclusion of the less fortunate in our world while protecting the monied and powerful.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this, Lorne! The whole video is amazing - she gets into environmental issues as well:

    1. Thanks for the link, Marie. I will check it out.