Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ship Of Fools

To the untutored and blunt mind, the world is black and white. Incapable of nuanced thinking, it apprehends things only as they immediately appear. While, as the old saying goes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, when that mind resides in the President of the United States, it is both tragic and terrifying:

This, of course, is not the first time that Americans have had to endure a national leader with limited intellect. The difference under Trump, however, is that the usual correcting mechanisms are absent. First, like the fool he is, Trump thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. Hence, his reaction to the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S Intelligence Committee:

No matter what the threat assessment asserts, be it the dangers of Russia or China or global warming, or the fact that Iran has been abiding by the nuclear pact, Trump knows better. Compounding, aiding and abetting his massive ego and ignorance is a White House staffed with spineless quislings. One of the most public faces of that quisling cadre is Sarah Sanders, who suggests our hearts should not be troubled, claiming that God wanted Trump to become president.

You need only watch the first minute of the following, if you can stomach even that much:

The current American ship of state is a ship of fools. Hopefully, it will sink soon beneath the waves of history, taking the entire incompetent crew with it.

It is the only way forward for such an extraordinarily troubled nation.


  1. .. first of all, great to see you back.. was thinking about you just this AM at 5 with my 1st cup of (1.5) filter drip Guatamalan coffee, from The Big Carrot on the Danforth.. I think I was musing on exemplars .. on social media.. and sinking my teeth into the Mound's vids re frozen methane bubbles.. I have yet to hear back.. so took the liberty of posting his page to Facebook. I like my gang to know all about Methane Escape and Methane Release..

    I made it to the 5 minute point of Sara Huckabee Sanders vapid upchuck.. She makes me think of a female Andrew Scheer or Jason Kenney.. The dim litany and faux christian dogma just flows.. its astonishing to see & hear. But what 'god' would spawn such blights on humanity ? Them.. or Trump or Mitch McConnell or Alex Jones.. When you visit Mound.. or more likely already have.. you will notice my burdened comment.. plus a sidenote re Kenney.. I really am disgusted that Kyle Morrow has become a 'whipping boy' for the Kenney base.. and no I don't want to go there where he ventured.. but regardless, it has to be done. The Jason Kenney 'residency scandal' needs to see the light of day. Mainstream Media MUST get on the job. We need a chronology matching Kenney's political career to
    - Domicile/Dates/Province
    - Elections/Candidacy relevant to Residencies
    - Payments/Months or Years re Primary or Secondary Residence
    - Travel/Dates - destination & return
    - Expenses/Per Diems etc per Year and Residency
    - Who received rent $ & was it declared
    - All dates of Rentals, Real Estate Purchase/Sale & Hotel Bills

    Essentially this has been well started by Kyle Morrow
    and is now supported by a Liberal MP from Ontario

    I have houses & condos to paint
    I would like to tackle this.. but there are thousands far more thorough, incisive and capable than me.. Further, I should not have to lecture Andrew Scheer re the facts of Omar Khadr, the arial bombardment of the compound, the firefight, the final ground assault, being shot in the back while unconcious and covered with rubble, the subsequent Investigation, the testimonies of senior military at the firefight.. or the blinded in one eye Sgt Lane Morris who was airlifted two hours prior to Khadr purportedly throwing a grenade. Nor should I have to explain the conequences of 500 lb Smart Laser Guided Bombs dropped on a compound about the size of our 1 floor bungalow (I doubt mr Middle Class Scheer even knows what a bungalow is, seeing as Canadian taxpayers having been housing, feeding him & his brood for years, in luxurious even historical mansions, complete with chef, nannies, household manager and limo with driver)

    1. As always, Sal, you have given us much to chew upon in your comments. I have been trying to stay away from politics for a little while, for the sake of mental/emotional health. As I gradually re-enter those dark waters, I will look into some of the issues you have raised here.

      BTW, I don't know if you have read read Bob Hepburn today, but he has a good piece on the Scheer vapidity of the the Official Opposition leader:

  2. When I first heard the Sarah Sanders god fable I asked what this god has against humanity that he would do such a thing as propel Trump into the Oval Office. That must be one son of a bitch of a god, more like Loki with a really bad attitude.

    Trump's dismissal of his intelligence chiefs mirrored his rejection of the US government's National Climate Assessment in November. Trump, when asked about the 1,200 page document released by law from his own White House, said he had glanced at it and then added, "No, no I don't believe it."

    Again and again Trump demonstrates that, like so many lunatics, he operates seriously detached from reality. Trump's world is as he wishes to see it and he makes life and death decisions that often carry lasting consequences that will persist long after that bastard is gone based on what suits his imagination.

    1. When natural disasters strike the United States, the evangelicals speak of them as punishments by God. Strange, isn't it, Mound, that they see Trump as a reward?

    2. Evangelicals are nihilistic bastards, Lorne. They premise their salvation on chaos and mass destruction, Armageddon and the Rapture. Some times they can't distinguish their god from their demagogue.

  3. .. I intend to mend my ways ..
    I need to ensure my comments.. & on Facebook or Twitter include a healthy dose of EXEMPLARS .. or refreshing, inspiring stuff.. the Right Stuff .. as Tom Wolfe called it. One does not need to ride a rocket and achieve earth orbit to impress or inspire me. It can be done with words or imagery.. thus the links to Helen Warlow and Harry Foster.. I run on that kind of jet fuel.. The great Indy bloggers inspire and nourish me.. and the rascally tweeters too.. I am currently seeing Montreal Simon barking up the estimable Mound's tree .. sigh .. Will drop in with my two cents to Simon.. He did yeoman work.. indelible work as we dreamed of seeing the end of Stephen Harper & Ray Novak et al.. so he is forever etched as 'the dude' of his wondrous style, content, effort.. Mound of course cuts his way in his distinct and unique long form way.. extensive recaps, reflection, perspective.. Amen Amen.. Canadians cut from different cloth.. each priceless resources..

    I see nothing wrong with incisive, even nasty word surgery.. but as suggested, we need positive evidence.. that exemplars of all sorts are alive, indeed flourishing.. cheerful, laughing, leading, lighting our path .. I will mend my ways.. the salamanders have spoken ..

    1. The two bloggers that I read everyday, Sal, are The Mound (The Disaffected Lib) and Owen (Northern Reflections). From the former I have learned how little I really know, and his posts have made me a much better-informed person on a wide variety of issues. Owen, (currently on hiatus because of his back problems, I believe) has a great capacity for distilling the essence of important stories from a range of sources into very readable chunks; for this I am most grateful, especially given the fact that I can never read on the computer with the same degree of concentration that I can from the printed page.

  4. .. Of course.. those two are likely suspects..
    I read Babel On The Bay, David Climenhaga over at Alberta Politics is a must, Norm Farrell of course fills my tank re BC and there's a wide bunch scattered out there.. that will always grab my attention.

    A lot of stuff i find via Twitter. Hence I will spot Michael Harris (a total gem) and Andre Derochers re polar bears, I think its Andrew.. Leach at U of A who is a must re the economics of Big Energy and hydrocarbons, Sandy Garossino of course.. so many are Pulitzer level indy journos.. Hell, any I have mentioned inc yourself.. fit that bill.. Anything published by Alexandra Morton.. bingo. The late gem Rafe Mair formed a great relationship with Damian Gillis.. a naturalist, film maker par excellence.. damn butnthere are so many ! If I had the funds I would pay my son to go work with Damian.. do a documentary.. shoot for him, edit for him, encode for web etc etc. My little guy who outgrew me long ago (& I am a tall guy) has major crack broadcast skills as a video editor.. with one of the top ad agencies in Canada.. but how do you top working with an exemplar like Damian Gillis, or the late Rafe Mair.. or Alexandra Morton there among the salmon and Orca? We have very fine First Nations journos, some of whom are also brilliant lawyers. Inuk too ! I am currently feeling very out of touch with the Maritimes.. and Quebec.. must address that !

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, Sal. I do read some of them, but not on as regular a basis as I perhaps should.