Saturday, March 25, 2017

Star Letter-Writers Seldom Disappoint

Whenever I am feeling a bit down about the world around me and the passivity with which so many 'face' it, I know I can go to the letters section of The Toronto Star to buoy my spirits. Today is no exception, as readers render judgement on the disgraced Senator Don Meredith and roundly reject his groundless, cowardly claim of being a victim of racism.
Re: Racism at play in criticisms of Don Meredith, senator's lawyer says, March 19

I am fed up with the cry of “racism,” which is being broken out once again by Senator Don Meredith in the affair involving a minor child.

Our disgust has nothing to do with the fact that he is a man of colour. His confession of “moral failing” does not begin to excuse the use of his positions of power and prestige to engage in the grooming and exploitation of a child.

The sexual exploitation of children is one of society's greatest taboos. In our universal rejection, the colour of the perpetrator has nothing to do with our perception of the grievousness of his behaviour or our concern for the probable lasting effect on the victim.

Senator Meredith's actions are those of a man without any moral compass whatsoever. And we as a community must be clear that our rejection of his actions have nothing to do with his colour.

He has crossed a line for which there is no possible excuse. If he has any honour or courage left, he must resign the Senate immediately

Robert Kent, Mississauga

This saga of indecent behaviour by Sen. Meredith has become utterly disgusting. After the Senator's failed attempt to mitigate his situation by blaming the victim, and by claiming that racism is the reason that he is being scrutinized, his (now former) lawyer has brought the situation to greater heights of disbelief.

Selwyn Pieters equates Meredith's sexual involvement with a 17-year-old girl to Senators Wallin and Duffy being investigated for improper use of expense accounts. They were not forced to resign. So he suggests there is racism at play.

Meredith's behaviour was bad enough. His continued attempt to blame everyone and everything else, and his lawyer's ridiculous statements, have reached a pinnacle requiring the Senate to deal with him.

Mike Faye, Toronto

For Senator Meredith to claim racism is rich. He got caught doing something he knew very well he should not have been doing and now that his world is imploding, he is blaming everyone else.

For him to make this whole thing go away would be to resign, and the fact that the Senate cannot force him to do so is sad. He is an embarrassment to everything that he stands for as a father, husband, minister and senator.

The senate has had enough embarrassment in the past year or so with Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy. That we taxpayers do not have a way of getting rid of them is a problem that has to be fixed.

Allan Mantel, Victoria Harbour, Ont.

One thing for certain, If Meredith was a member of the “old white boys country club,” he wouldn't be able to “play the race card.” Anyone, regardless of race, committing such an egregious act, should not only be thrown out of the Senate, but should also should be criminally prosecuted.

Warren Dalton


  1. What is it going to take to show Meredith the door? I'm thinking he saw the Senate as his personal "cash for life" lottery. Now he's made a perfect mess of it but he still can't let it go.

    1. I think that about sums up both his avarice and his character, Mound.

  2. .. the shelter & deflection via attorney defense these freak show perverts float out there are ludicrous & disgusting to any decent folk with an iota of intelligence. To those who buy the excuses or defend these creeps.. for shame.

    I'm currently waiting for the evasions of Donald Trump's Oklahoma campaign fund manager.. unfortunately caught with a live underage male rather than a dead girl.. in a hotel room. If anyone can point out to me any useful difference from one of these cases to another, bring it on.

    As a former youth worker as well as a triple maximum security specialist, I can't even hazard a guess on how many of these creeps are ever caught, much less prosecuted..

    To anyone defying such grooming and assaults, for example, the catastrophic Missing Indigenous First Nations Women reality .. I say get a grip, lose your fantasy. I suspect a tiny portion of these crimes are suspected or reported.. probably a miniscule number well under .01 % .. that's not a typo.. its possible its under .001 % - ask any cop or credible social worker ..

    1. Those are very disturbing and sobering statistics, Salamander. that should give us all pause.