Friday, March 3, 2017

UPDATED: A Deluded Woman

That very strange lady, CPC leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, insists that the widespread 'popularity' of her online video is proof of the popularity of her platform against immigrants, She ignores the fact that the basis for its viral spread is mockery, not admiration, over its bizarre production values and patent insincerity. If you haven't yet seen it, the above link will take you to it.

Meanwhile, CTV's Don Martin has this incisive assessment of her efforts:

And as to her claim that her immigration stance is resonating with the public, well, Star readers have a different view, and are especially pained that her pandering to the extreme right has led her to advertise on Breitbart, about which I recently posted:
Re: Conservative MP Leitch runs ads on Breitbart site, Feb. 25

When conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch runs ads on the U.S. Breitbart News website, it is time to screen Leitch for her “Canadian values.”

The ultra-conservative and white supremacist views expressed and promoted by the Breitbart News organization bear no relation to and are not synonymous with “Canadian values.” Since “Canadian values” is what Leitch is claiming to protect, it is only fair — and possibly urgent — that her views be scrutinized, i.e. “screened.”

Peter Krysmanski, Oakville

I am so disgusted to see that Kellie Leitch has bought advertising on Breitbart News. What Canadian values does that organization represent? Absolutely none.

The alt-right is not my Canada and obviously does not represent the majority of Canadians given support for Justin Trudeau. Kellie has no place in my Canada.

Tom Byers, Cambridge, Ont.
The soul of a nation is not something to be trifled with, a fact that Kellie Leitch seems wholly incapable of appreciating.

UPDATE: Mark Critch of This Hour Has 22 Minutes clearly has Ms Leitch's number:


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    1. Her capacity for self-delusion seems limitless, CuJo.

  2. I wonder if Ms. Leitch has read what John F. Kennedy said about those "who ride to power on the back of the tiger," Lorne. "They wind up inside," he said.

    1. Clearly, this very strange lady thinks an exception will be made in her case, Owen.

  3. Deluded? I think she's a bit further gone than that. Mildly unhinged seems closer to the mark. She must have watched that ad before it was approved for release. Ask yourself what kind of mental state is required not to see the fatal flaws in that product? I expect, when it's boiled down, it has something to do with a narcissism issue. I'm Kellie, how do you love me so far?

    1. In all honesty, Mound, I am convinced that she is somewhere on the autism spectrum; I have hesitated making such an observation only because Leitch is an insult to others on the spectrum, some very good and productive people who function very well and contribute a great deal to society.

  4. Someone, Lorne, should inform Kellie Leitch that screening immigrants to see if they have Canadian values has nothing to do with advocating political policy, which is what she should be focused on. You know economics, foreign affairs, health care, education etc. All involving policy issues.

    Instead we get a dumbed down racist belief that she passes off as a genuine immigration policy. If that is the dominant belief that she seems to constantly promote, then she should, if she was honest, become a white supremist, not a politician who should be talking policy.

    1. I completely agree, as usual, with your points here. Pamela. Leitch's fixation with immigration is, I suspect, intended for those amongst her extreme right-wing cohort who are especially tuned to the frequency of the dog-whistle she is blowing.

  5. .. the lamentable Kellie video was & is a multi level failure..
    Having produced, directed, edited hundreds of such videos, I've fought through the attempts to sink the ship, so to speak. Often its the KOP (Key Opinion Leader) who dictates the execution of the shoot & the video edit is reduced to a rescue attempt. (not a winning situation) Somewhere in there is usually a 24 year old MBA, PR flack or Poli Sci flunkie who's boyfriend or girlfriend is the DOP (Director of Photography) reponsible for all lighting, camera(s), camera angles.. all in response to the script and subsequent edit. Uh oh, right back to Dr Leitch for numerous reviews, feedback and final approval.

    This shoot had numerous on set stakeholders, advisors & associates.. & included makeup, wardrobe, teleprompter operator, continuity, gaffer, soundman, production mgr etc who surely were taken aback by the foolish 'enactment' that unfolded.. starring Kellie herself.

    After all, its not often that professionals are directed to rush up & over a rise and be confronted by what appears to be all the Sioux warriors on the planet. It was a massacre.. or as The Donald describes the Yemen Raid Catastrophe.. 'a great success' .. and there rides Kellie et al.. fulfilling a Robert Stanfield fumble via the whirled wide web eh.

    That was about a 7,000.00 video shoot, give or take some freebies thrown in. Studio or office, gear rentals, lunch.. all the various crew, and finally the edit from Hell of course. Likely 3 to 5 PR apparatchiks.. and the ever present Party clingons, and the vested Kellie Campaign creeps sipping lattes and staring hard at their iPhones, Androids etc. The monitor during multiple and many 'takes' with copious continuity notes, must have been painful. If Nick Kouvalis was involved & approved, he's sunk below my previous estimation of his 'taste'.. which I had thought impossible.. but hey.. shite happens

    My politically astute fiancee howls in laughter every time any aspect or slice of the massacre is rerun.. the terms or references she supplies are of a concert with all elements way far out of sync & out of tune including the singer.. but they pressed on regardless into the valley of death.. (Kipling) and she claims there's an obvious South Park character aspect to Dr Leitch..

    If dear Kellie insists on doing the sow's ear into silk purse routine, well amen. I do see it a hall o fame buffalo jump with leg kick and full distortion.. degree of difficulty high.. and as a Canadian judge I give her a perfect 10 for idiotic interpretation. It was a wondrous leap into a very shallow pool & CTV really slapped her hard.. for good reason.. she earned it eh !

    1. Thank you, as always, Salamander, for your informed commentary and peerless assessments! That Leitch thinks her video was a stellar achievement and success clearly suggests that her sensibilities are not terrestrial in origin.