Friday, March 24, 2017

Setting The Record Straight

Now that Senator Don Meridith, about whom I have previously posted, has switched lawyers, it is gratifying to see that his cowardly cries of racism as a factor in the calls his dismissal are being put to rest.

Meredith's new lawyer had this to say yesterday:
Disgraced Sen. Don Meredith’s new lawyer says racism doesn’t play into the widespread condemnations of his client’s affair with a teenage girl, after the senator and his previous lawyer claimed he was being treated unfairly in the wake of the sex scandal.

“It’s not my approach, nor is it my opinion, that there is any racial bias or issue here in relation to the matter, or how the Senate has been dealing with it,” Bill Trudell, a Toronto defence lawyer, said in an interview Thursday.
While the Senate ethics committee still faces an uphill battle on ejecting him from the Upper Chamber, at least we now have a small victory for truth and a blow to self-serving and morally reprehensible hyperbole.


  1. Lorne, don't give his new lawyer too much credit. Trudell ix-nayed the racism business because he knew it was backfiring on his client and would undercut whatever defence he might otherwise raise.

    1. An interesting point, Mound. i suppose the only defence left is that he didn't violate the Senate rules existing at the time of his deplorable behaviour, as a commentator on one of my previous posts about Meredith pointed out.