Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump's Bitter Harvest

This may not surprise us, but it should still horrify us.
In the middle of a crowded bar, Adam Purinton yelled at two Indian men to "get out of my country," witnesses said, then opened fire in an attack that killed one of the men and wounded the other, as well as a third man who tried to help.


  1. Of course it's a hate crime Lorne! I find this deeply disturbing and am deeply saddened by it.

    Trump has given permission with his hate filled racist rhetoric to citizens like this bigot who decided it's okay to shoot and kill innocent brown skinned people, including the individual who bravely reached out to help them.

    With white supremacy and its violence once again rearing its ugly head, I sometimes think we are entering into a modern day dark age. Having a President who supports that racism and violence is even more damning.

    After Trump trashed Muslims and Mexicans, what did he think would happen? He had to have known there would be violence.

    There no longer is a Dr. Martin Luther King jr. to speak out against this insane racism and violence, because he was killed by the very same racism and violence. Not much has changed!

    1. It is very depressing, Pamela, to be so constantly confronted by the worst that human nature has to offer. I doubt any of us thought the level of hatred and racism we are now seeing would be playing such a prominent role in the world of the twenty-first century.