Friday, February 24, 2017

Kevin O'Leary Laid Bare

I have never cared for that blowhard known as Kevin O'Leary. A shallow man intellectually, he appears to have only two reasons for seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada: ego and a thirst for power, likely the same imperatives that impelled Trump to run for the U.S. presidency.

As Mark Cuban observes in the following, it is the latter motive that seems to most drive the failed Canadian/American businessman:


  1. I was gearing up for a "Trump Free Friday" only to find that Trump has moved against CNN, the NYT, the LA Times, Politico, the Hill by denying them access to a White House press briefing. The targeted news services will also be denied access to any executive branch officials which would seem to include Trump's cabinet.

    Yesterday I wrote about protests in Warsaw when the right wing populist government put parliament "off limits" to the media.

    1. Very disturbing news, Mound. These guys seem intent on totally controlling their false narrative.

    2. Nixon tried it, didn't work well for Nixon.

      For a long time we have seen "access journalism" pass itself off as news journalism by simply engaging in stenograpghy of the rich and powerful.

      Cut off from access, maybe we will see more investigative journalism.

    3. The access journalism, Jay, is often condemned by people like Chris Hedges, who refers to those who practise it as the 'courtier class' doing the bidding of the privileged, as you describe in your comment.