Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Head Is Starting To Spin

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday humiliated Donald Trump’s claim that the barrage of negative news stories related to his administration are “conspiracy theories,” taking moment to explain to the president what differentiates a conspiracy theory from actual, real news.


  1. There are reports (see Kinsella's blog post) that America's intelligence community has decided it must take Trump down. One senior analyst tweeted, "He'll die in jail." Trump has been used to getting his own way so long - from birth - that he cannot conceive of anyone daring to turn on him.

    1. I did hear about that, Mound. For the good of not just the U.S., but also the world, it is clear that the removal of Trump from the White House is not to be delayed.

  2. .. Donald 'the fable' Trump..
    He reminds in a poorly constructed way of Icarus
    I've made the point he's committing
    political, brand, ethical suicide..

    I do believe he thinks he can somehow
    sick and blow at the same time..
    That is.. maintain his trumped up empire (wealth)
    and pretend to be the smartest guy in the room
    and 'take it all with him' .. later.. much later..

    I think he blows a fuse on the 4th hole
    or climbing the steps of Air Farce One
    State blah Funeral & weepy Ivanca et al
    Such a Shakespearian tragedy..
    blah blah woof woof
    Long live Pence.. or King Ryan.. or ?

    Icarus had a hard landing, very hard
    Trump will find ground level, much harder
    high impact.. wheels not lowered, wing failure
    Endless conspiracy theories will spring up like weeds
    and Bannon will make out like a bandit

    In the imortal words of a former public servant
    "this will not end well"

    1. The hubris that brought Icarus down, Salamander, is evidently in hot pursuit of a much bigger and modern-day target.

  3. You know there's really something wrong, when individuals from the intelligence community leak to the MSM about a conversation a government official had with the Russian Ambassador.

    The reason they are giving for Flynn resigning is ridiculous. The neocon deep state wants to take Trump down and they will stop at nothing to do it. This has nothing to do with liking or disliking Trump or Flynn.I think both men are buffoons. This has to do with something much more important. It's about whose really in charge. The neocon deep state are running the show.This is what needs to be addressed. The neoliberal/corporate/military/neocon/elites are starting to show their hand.

    1. I don't necessarily disagree with you, Pamela, but I am beginning to think that the sooner Trump et al. are gone, the better for the entire world.

    2. As long as they throw out the neocon elite with him. As wacky as Trump is, he is the symptom not the cause. Americans should know that when neocon powers that be can take down a president they are no longer living in a democracy.

      Obama was smoother and more articulate then Trump. He was the perfect spokesman for the military/corporate elite. I have no problem with Trump having to go, but I'd like to see it done by the people, not by some fabrication created covertly by intelligence. It sets a dangerouse precident.

  4. Hi again Lorne. Here is link of a video of Dennis Kucinich talking about what we are discussing on your blog today. I think you would find it worth a listen.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. I will check it out right away.