Sunday, November 24, 2013

No Disagreement Here

H/t The Toronto Star

And a Toronto Star reader weighs in on the issue:

Re: RCMP investigating Nigel Wright, PM says, Nov. 20

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn’t know about illegal payments being made to Senator Mike Duffy (as he has claimed on numerous occasions) he doesn’t deserve to be in the office. We have a disgraced mayor in Toronto. Harper is a disgrace to Canada.

David C. Lawton, Sutton


  1. It's said that Harper has seriously demoralized his caucus. There are people who aren't even hiding their preparations to succeed the Czar. MacKay and Kenney came out in support of Nigel Wright at the Conservative convention quite deliberately. A very large segment of Tory supporters believed Wright had been done wrong by the prime minister. MacKay and Kenney were trying to win their support.

    With the LPC leading the polls in three of the four by-election ridings tomorrow, many Tories are blaming Harper for the growing Liberal support, especially west of Ontario.

    Many large organizations have one or two rainmen, the big producers who are sometimes both cherished and despised. When they fall it's rarely gracefully.

    1. I suspect that another indication of Harper's fading fortunes is the fact that he now seems to be relying exclusively on his parliamentary secretary, Paul Calandra, to answer questions about the scandal when they are asked by anyone other than Mulcair, Mound. As one pundit observed this morning on CBC's News Network, he used to have people like Baird and James Moore frequently fielding questions during QP. The fact that they are no longer doing this perhaps suggests they don't want any mud in their package through too obvious an association with this sordid affair.