Monday, November 25, 2013

"I Know Nothing"

It seems I am not the only one to have connected the dots between Harper and Sgt Schultz:

RCMP allege PMO played greater role, Nov. 21

Quoting from this news item, “On Wednesday, (Stephen) Harper repeatedly told the Commons the RCMP had found ‘no evidence’ he knew of the Wright repayment plan.” I am reminded of Sgt. Schultz (of Hogan’s Heroes) who frequently claimed: “I know nothing.”

Jaggi Tandan, Hamilton


  1. In the end, Harper -- like Schultz and like Richard Nixon -- will become a laughing stock.

    1. Sometimes, Owen, I think merciless mockery is the only way to bring these people back down to earth with the rest of us. And I suspect that such an approach would be especially galling to someone as arrogant and prideful as Harper.

  2. .. One of these two is lying ..

    So.. the question isn't 'who?' .. its 'why?'
    Find that answer and the 'who' is revealed .. (lateral thinking 101)

    - Nigel Wright ? Why .. Why would he need to lie ? Or be forced to lie ?
    Is that even a real possibility .. that he would lie regarding this matter?
    Is this something he has done before?

    - Stephen Harper ? Why .. why would he need to lie.. be forced to lie ?
    Is that even a real possibility .. that he would lie? On this matter or other matters? Is this something he has done before ..

    Finally.. is there a chance that both of them are lying ? Why would that be?

    And ooops .. could Michael Duffy be lying as well ...
    raising the potential that essentially all of them are lying ?
    And truly .. what is the big uber lie ???

    Who loses most ? (not who profits.. but who is the biggest loser ?)
    Any beat cop or detective would follow this thread..

    1. An interesting line of inquiry, Salamander. Another question that The Mound of Sound has posed is, if Harper were truly kept in the dark (which I don't believe for a moment), will the RCMP be asking Wright, Woodcock, Perrin et al. why they did not communicate the details of this scheme to the PM.