Sunday, November 24, 2013

But I Save so Much Money Shopping There!

For the true cost of those bargains that we all slavishly delight in (cue Pavlov's dog), you might want to read this article about Walmart workers and watch the video below. As well, a recent post by Dr.Dawg is instructive.


  1. Lorne, that is how they make their billions. Not much different story than Bangladesh. It is good that workers are standing up against the injustice. I believe Walmart does not allow unions. I hope the employees get the support of other unions. With unions they may be able to do a little better.

    Same old 'free market(capitalism)' story and greed at its best.

    1. We hear about the need for consumers to make informed choices all the time, LD. Perhaps this kind of information needs to be part of the process.