Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carnival in Calgary

I hear that the Tory convention is turning out to be a real circus:


  1. .. the house of common circus mice migrates to Calgary.. and suddenly in fraud flood conditions, the base delegates also scurry about (oddly derogative term - base - ! Are they as base as the elite of The Harper Party? Hmmn)

    But thus the 'base' mingle with the base circus barkers & truly banal & transparent personalities of the Harper upper echelon .. the Mackay's, Kenney's, the stupefying & greasy Tony Clement.. and super glib machine gun dogma mouth Moore... and oh where art thou bitumen man Joe Oliver ? Or Fantino the great escape from truth artist ?

    Of course, no sign of Tom Flanagan, Mulroney, Stephen Lecce, Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Nigel Wright... unless they are still in Halloween costume disguised as disgruntled media.. and not a whiff of faithful n artful dodger litigator Arthur Hamilton .. that trench warfare exemplar.. despite the clear and present danger.. for a bright eyed Harper evangelist Minister or novitiate to embrace, seek solace or pay for stern leadership.. indeed, even a whipping session.. from one of Calgary's practitioners of the world's oldest profession !!

    The political pablum frothed from the lamed & self defamed Prime Minister.. a speech to the stolid n squalid mice.. outstanding paramountcy proclaimed.. Some diehards cheered... 'solidly' behind him.. but the background noise was circular & septic.. curiously similar to the sound of a toilet flushing..

    A pretend legacy .. not really solid in any verifiable way, descending lower n lower, spinning round and round.. and sewer bound ..

    Hopefully Calgary and Ottawa's sewage treatment systems can handle the volume of the Harper effluent .. and the stink is not dangerous to our health

    1. As always, well-said, Salamander. Let's hope Alberta's garbage disposal capacity has recovered from the earlier flooding.

  2. Lorne, I watched full speech of our great leader. He has made Canada the best country in the world. Damn Liberals had messed it up and he has overcome their blunders. Welcome to the 'new' Canada.

    He got many standing ovation.

    1. So what you are telling me, LeDaro, is that in addition to monkeys there are also trained seals at the convention. Let's hope all the animals have had their shots.