Sunday, February 5, 2017

In These Troubled Times

... I rather envy this young woman her job:

Should the subject of alcohol's rather substantial role in American history interest you, I can highly recommend Susan Cheever's Drinking in America: Our Secret History, an absolutely riveting book.

Given the current madness in the U.S., I have a feeling that sooner rather than later, many of us will be seeking solace and refuge in fermented or distilled beverages.


  1. I emailed your post to my son-in-law, Lorne, asking how this woman got his job. He responded, "I feel like I've wasted my whole life."

  2. .. keep an eye for an evolution in the packaging of beer. From Florida it seems, a brewary named Saltwater has pioneered the production of a clip to hold a sixpack of cans.. made from brewery 'leavings' .. thus the clip replaces the disastrous plastic clip so commonly found on turtles, in wildlife stomachs or blowing off beaches. Totally biodegradable, fish, birds or turtles can eat it, or it can go into your garden compost etc.. I am dying to try their craft IPA sixpack.. and see this process be refined until its SOP.. Glad to pay a premium for such a brilliant recycle in our increasingly plastic world

    That anecdote aside.. sounds like an outstanding book ! And future printings may mention this latest development

    1. That is a great development, Salamander, given the terrible consequences of the plastic rings currently used! Let's hope it does become the industry standard.