Saturday, October 17, 2015

Impending Relief?

For the millions upon millions of Canadians who have grown progressively more heartsick over Stephen Harper's systematic subversion of our country's traditions and values these last nine-and-a-half years, relief seems to be within our grasp. We can now quite realistically hope for the end of this hateful and divisive man's reign. However, those of us who have been around for a while know that upon his defeat, Canada will not magically revert to its former self, so radically has the domestic dictator altered our landscape. Neither Justin Trudeau nor Tom Mulcair have policy goals that radically differ from Harper's, as Thomas Walkom points out in his column today.

For me. however, the opportunity to start, if not anew, at least with someone other than Harper at the helm, is the basis for real hope and the opportunity to revive a sagging but hardly defeated Canadian spirit and resilience, a spirit that is more than amply demonstrated in letters published in today's Star.

Those multitudes of us with a deep love of our country are clearly ready for a partner who will reciprocate:

I am passionate about Canada. I am passionate about a Canada which stands for peace not war. I am passionate about a Canada which welcomes refugees based on need rather than wealth or religion, a Canada which values free speech, and holds in high regard our supreme court. I am passionate about a Canada where federation means a sharing of responsibilities, dialogue and consensus building.

I care about science, about receiving unfiltered information from our government scientists. I care about the plight of our disadvantaged, in particular native women and girls. I believe in the ability of Canada and Canadians to be leaders in the world when it comes to climate change, and world poverty.

I believe in the ability of Canada and Canadians to demonstrate to the world how a society accepting of divergent religions, races, and political philosophies can be the best of all countries to call home. By voting I express my passion for the Canada I believe in, in a material and positive way.

Gord Humphrey, Port Perry

A return to power by the diabolical Mr. Harper and his minions would further shred the tolerant, free and democratic fabric of this country.

Mark Goldstein, Mississauga

Letter writer Sybil Rowe is one of the millions of Conservatives who are ashamed of and turned off by Harper’s dirty, divisive, destructive politics aimed at winning votes by hook or crook. He has stooped to the lowest level of gutter politics. He does not deserve to continue to be the prime minister of the peaceful, united, cohesive, friendly, multicultural country like Canada.

I very am happy to know that more than 70 per cent of Canadians do not want Harper to continue for four more years because they know he will destroy Canada, which is envy of the world, by his extremely racist beliefs, attitude and actions.

More and more conservatives like Sybil Rowe are turned off by Harper, Jason Kenney and their conservative gang and are changing their allegiance to Trudeau who they know is a gentleman who, like his father, loves this country and would never ever do anything to destroy it.

Harper does not deserve to continue to be the prime minister of Canada. I appeal to Canadians to subject him to a crushing defeat and teach him the lesson of his life which, I hope, he will remember forever.

Girish Parekh, Burlington

Let this election be an exercise in restoring our Canadian traditions of kindness and tolerance and get rid of this wolf of a prime minister in sheep’s clothing.

John Fraser, Toronto


  1. Let's hope, Lorne, that these sentiments send Mr. Harper packing -- back to his own house, not the people's house.

    1. My preference would be for Harper to go back to the hole from which he emerged to blight our land, Owen.

  2. "It is wonderful to feel Canada in the raw, not because she is Canada, but because she is something sublime that you were born into, some great rugged power that you are part of" Emily Carr

    I know I sent you this quote on Canada day, but I think it also applies now. I think Canadians have now realized what we will lose if Harper holds on to power. We have also realized what we have. The pillars of democracy that support our freedom, that Harper wants gone, are in fact our most cherished creations. For all of our humanitarian faults such as our indifference and abuse of First Nations, we have it within our capacity and desire to change and be a better and fairer people. There is no place for a man like Harper and certainly not as our PM. The inclusive culture that Canadians strive for, sometimes stumbling,sometimes ignoring, but always returning to, has not been in 9 yrs reflected by Harper as our PM. On Monday it really is time for Canadians to take back our country, we've been away from it for too long.

    1. Very eloquently expressed, Pamela. I think you description of Canada would resonate with the vast majority of Canadians.

      BTW, I meant to comment upon how much I enjoyed your recent Democracy Under Fire guest post. It certainly resonated with me.