Friday, July 31, 2015

If Canadians Have Any Self-Respect

.... this will outrage them.

It turns out Stephen Harper is not going to interact with anyone during the election campaign that wasn’t cleared in advance by his staffers. Even “public” rallies with hundreds or thousands of people will be made up entirely people who are pre-screened.

Conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke said Friday that only invited guests will be allowed at each and every event over the expected 11-week campaign.

“You need to have been invited and if you don’t have a ticket you’re not getting in,” Teneycke said.

Like the cowards he and his master are, Teneycke broke the news late Friday afternoon before a summer long weekend, so statistically you’re not reading this.


  1. Well, what else can we expect from a guy who ran for the closet at the first reports from an old hunting rifle wielded by an apparent nutcase? And then had to apologize to his caucus for beating them to the closet.

    And then there was that study by Jim Stanford that showed that Closet Leader was ranked last on 16 out of 19 indicators of economic performance when compared to his PM peers. It was funny that he ranked even below Mulroney and others who were non Economists. Must be the ultimate insult.

    Probably threatened that he would run for the closet again if anyone asks an unscripted question, thus Teneycke has to pre screen attendees to ensure that: (a) they agree only to ask scripted questions, (b) will cheer every time Closet Leader says something about the Hair or the Beard, and, most importantly, (c) are too stupid, or lacking in self respect, not to agree to foregoing conditions. :)

    1. It is indeed a sad commentary, Anon, about the man(?), his minions, and all those who attend what will be 'cult of personality' rallies. Joseph Stalin would be proud.

  2. Incredible isn't it Lorne. I knew that his campaign would be controlled and choreographed, but never thought that Canadians could only hear him speak by invitation. The combination of his cowardice and arrogance is now on display for all to see. This is a strategy to reassure his base and get those who are sitting on the fence to vote conservative, after all, this is an invitation from the Prime Minister. He excluded the majority of Canadians a long time ago, but to actually institute an invitation only to the public to hear Harper speak at a campaign stop is truly jaw dropping. He has literally written off 3/4 of the Canadian electorate. This man is a coward to his core. Let's see what the MSM and opposition does with this. After this invitation only policy, if Canadians don't have the measure of the man, they never will. Pierre Trudeau once said what he loved about elections was the crowds, He liked when people disagreed because it kept him sharp and he liked when people agreed because he knew they felt happy. He also said that he didn't like kissing babies much, but he liked kissing there mothers.I was at a campaign stop where Trudeau spoke. It was absolutely electric. I wonder if Harpers invitation only campaign is legal.

    1. I agreed, Pamela. Harper's arrogance and contempt for democracy are beyond denunciation. If this doesn't deeply offend Canadians, I don't know what will.

      I remember as a young person attending a Liberal gathering at which Lester Pearson spoke. At one point he was heckled, much to the consternation of the crowd. His response? "Let them show their colours, their dirty colours."

      I wonder what Pearson would make of today's Closet Commander.