Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our World - The Illustrated Version

Sometimes, words only muddy the message, so I'll let the following speak for themselves:

H/t Felipe TeTz


  1. Where do you think this ends, Lorne? Our political caste has broken faith with our people to embrace neoliberalism. The Left stands abandoned, vacant, completely undefended. Today's NDP is a dark farce. We need a new party of the Left, one speaking to the circumstances and perils of the 21st century, that will push these political dregs back, out of their way.

    1. I have often felt, Mound, that the resurgence of neoliberalism really took off with the fall of communism, the last ideology that offered any threat. Perhaps what we need is a new ideological threat to enable us to return to a time when unions and social spending were embraced as a counter to to that ideology. The problem with a new Left, it seems to me, is that people have become so conditioned through complicit media messaging that a new party would be dismissed, as Harper likes to say, as 'risky and dangerous.' One thing is certain: the winner-takes-all mentality of unfettered capitalism will never give up anything unless it is threatened or forced to.