Friday, June 18, 2021

Correction: "If You Can't Afford To Live, Then Don't Live"

That is the considered opinion of Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn, as he responds to the Supreme Court ruling upholding The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

America the beautiful, eh?

CORRECTION: Well, this is embarrassing. For all my talk and writing about critical thinking, I did not verify the source of this before posting. As John B. in his comment below rightly guessed, this is satire. There is no excuse for me having made this error. Confirmation bias is a very real thing.


  1. Tell me it's a joke. That doesn't look like Cawthorn.

  2. I had to watch that twice. Then I had to read his bio at Wiki.

  3. John could be right. I can't find this clip anywhere and the guy doesn't look much like Cawthorn.

    1. I should have checked more thoroughly, Mound. It is just too easy to believe the worst about Republicans these days. As I indicated above, I am embarrassed by my mistake.