Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Day Of Reckoning

H/t Theo Moudakis

Here in propaganda central (a.k.a., Doug Ford's Ontario), it would appear that few are being fooled by the outrageous campaign the Ford regime is conducting against the carbon tax imposed by the feds after Doug the Thug axed our cap-and-trade program. I believe the following letter-writer speaks for the majority of thinking people who must be singularly unimpressed by what the last provincial election wrought:
Half-truths and dishonest nonsense at my expense! That’s the latest from the Ford government and his trained seals. They say in their ads that Conservatives have another way to handle the problem of global warming. But that’s partisan nonsense and ignorant.

True, people dislike paying more for gasoline and home heating. But if the Ford government told the truth and completed the story, including the offsetting rebates they will earn, many people – even died-in-the-wool Tories – will agree that the only way we will reduce carbon emissions is if it hurts a bit to use carbon fuels. Best way to do that is to make us pay. Oh my god! That’s a tax isn’t it? Yes. But if we don’t do that, carbon emissions will continue to destroy our environment. Like the frog warming in the skillet, shall we happily refuse to move until it’s too late?

Please, Premier Ford, stop using my tax dollars to fill the airwaves with BS!

Bruce Rogers, Lindsay, Ont.
And a recent Star editorial adds further clarity:
The federal carbon pricing plan, which started in April, will cost the average Ontario household $258 this year but the $307 rebate they’ll get will offset those costs and then some. It’ll be the same thing in 2022 — the year the ad chooses — when the annual cost is forecast to rise to $648 and will come with a $718 rebate. So it’s a net gain for most families, not a cost.

And the very reason the federal levy is being applied in Ontario is because the province does not have a better way. Last year, the Ford government killed the existing cap-and-trade program and lowered the province’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.
That the Ford regime never listens to the people it claims to be for is exemplified by this fact:
The latest Nanos Research poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Canadians think it’s unacceptable for a province to opt out of the federal plan. Not surprisingly, the same number also oppose provincial governments using taxpayer dollars to fight it.
One need not be Nostradamus to see that a day of reckoning is coming. The world's heedless plunge into climate disaster and the governments that aid and abet that plunge guarantee it.


  1. What is stunning, Lorne, is how effortlessly these people lie.

    1. Equally stunning, Owen, is the eagerness with which Ford Nation laps up those lies.

  2. .. it seems important to recognize certain behaviors. The ones I will first point to are 'contraryism' and 'ignorance'. Some healthcare practitioners see contraryism as a sort of auto-reflex integrated with essential ignorance. Welcome to one of the key aspects of the various 'conservative' political old boy men's clubs in Canada. 'Fixation' is part n parcel of course, as is failure to apply common sense or critical thinking - reasoning.

    Welcome to Doug Ford, welcome to Jason Kenney who display astonishing amounts of all that is wrong in 'public service'. That their elected or appointed role of course has instead been replaced with 'self serving' 'self service' circle jerking and has essentially zero to do with representing the citizenry.. or the voters.. aka 'the people'.. its akin to the 'smartest guy in the room' syndrome.. and it has zero to do with 'leadership' either. Its simply dogmatic insolence.. conceit, presumption or immaculate evangelical assumption. Andrew Scheer has it in spades.. as does Hamish Marshall or Ezra Levant or Stephen Harper

    Take your pick of the associated system failures.. the character flaws.. you cannot go wrong with any or all. In the distorted view of those losers.. its you, Lorne, who is unsavoury or wrong or flawed.. and it is seen as their right (as the righteous) to punish you, rob you, screw you.. because.. well, just because. And on goes the convoluted grift, the graft, the deceit, the posturing, the parasitic performance.

    It aint going to change.. its their nature.. and they polish the performance every single day. Think of it as wildly comorbid mood disorders cascading or mental illness.. accelerating and/or oscillating.. ie pathological behaviour traits, self reinforcing within shallow waters.. and mixed in there are those like Sam Oosterhoff or Fallwell Jr or Frank McVety or Mike Pence, who also believe they are holy hallowed vessels whereby God communicates with man.. who may then in their infinite wisdom, let women in on the big rules and secrets.. while women are doing the laundry, feeding the men and incubating - delivering the progeny..

    1. The 'smartest guy in the room' syndrome and the rectitude of the religious right make for a winning combination within Ford Nation circles, Sal. For the rest of us, it is a sad testament to the political and democratic deficits our age is afflicted with.