Thursday, June 28, 2018

She Stands By Her Man

When we talk on the phone, my good friend Dave in Winnipeg often talks about the twin 'curse' of intelligence and education. Life would be so much easier, he says sardonically, without them.

I was thinking about Dave last night as I watched an NBC News report detailing the actions of one of Trump's legion. As a group, those people are indefatigable, and, to use a word favoured by the religiously insane, 'convicted' in Trump. And it becomes immediately apparent that the woman in the following video has 'escaped' the curses Dave speaks of.

Viewer Advisory: Do not watch if you have just eaten.


  1. Recently Team Trump has been going on about "civility." I think it had something to do with Huckabee Sanders' eviction from the Red Hen house. Coming from an administration and a president who have been sounding the dog whistles of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, nativism, white supremacy and every base human instinct, mass-marketing incivility, even incitement to violence, this call for civility is beyond astonishing.

    The hag in this video is the very product of Trump's manipulations. She even cites him as her authority in accusing this fellow and those like him of being rapists.

    Everything Trump says, everything he does, accords almost perfectly with what a person like Putin would dream of if he wanted to undermine the United States. Spread fear, anger and paranoia as broadly as possible, turn one half of society against the other. A psychological civil war that must reduce many to a state of near madness. Isn't that what we're seeing in this woman?

    1. What I find most striking is that when the resistance takes a page out of the reactionary right's playbook, as when they single collaborators like Huckabee Sanders for 'special attention, the right acts with outrage, Mound. Their hypocrisy knows no limits.