Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Special Place In Hell Awaits Part 2

H/t Steve Breen


  1. Like many of their prisons, these childrens' "shelters" in the US are privately run for profit. So, the more inmates the better for them as they are housed on a per kid charge. Compassion has no place in a for-profit "enterprise". One can imagine the qualifications and ability of the "care providers" infesting these camps, their background references thoroughly ckecked. Not.

    The ultimate Manning/Harper/Kenney dream of privatization come true. Who needs experts when the Bible informs?

    Nutbars are beginning to rule the world, people without even the pretence of philosophy such as Adolf scribbled in prison. Nah, these people know what's best for YOU. Innately.

    Save the children.


    1. Your comments confirm what I thought I heard on a news report, BM, about these facilities being run by contractors. It's the good old American way, eh? Profit before people.