Thursday, April 26, 2018

Where Is The Walk?

Justin Trudeau's increasing propensity for talking the talk but not walking the walk has been noticed by the anti-poverty organization One Campaign, led by Trudeau's good 'friend,' U2's Bono, in a rather unflattering video:
Stuart Hickox, One’s Canada director, said the decision to “poke” Trudeau wasn’t taken lightly. But One and other organizations are worried that Trudeau’s gender agenda will fail because his government isn’t coming up with a firm plan that he can sell to his fellow G7 leaders in time for their meeting.

“It’s a missed opportunity if we get through the G7 with a just mere declaration or more framing language or more aspiration,” Hickox said in an interview.

Hickox said One is an activist organization that tries to end extreme poverty by providing options for government, and that’s what it is trying to do with Trudeau so he can “own the space that he has claimed for himself.”

“So this is a moment of pushing.”

Seasoned observers of our peregrinating prime minister will realize that the issue raised by the One Campaign is but one of many in which his rhetorical flourishes and promises have far outpaced his actions. This gross disparity between appearances and reality, one hopes, is something increasing numbers of people will be able to discern as time goes on.


  1. Like the boy who cried wolf, Justin increaingly is not believed. That could have fatal consequences.

    1. If people look beyond the selfies, Owen, he will be in trouble.

    2. Here's an item arguing that unqualified leaders, uninformed voters and short term thinking are impeding the American economy. The real problem, in my view, isn't economic it's the role these three factors play in undermining liberal democracy, leaving it vulnerable to rightwing populism.

      And I thought you might find Greg Fingas' (Accidental Deliberations) op-ed in the Regina Leader-Post on how Trudeau screwed up Trans Mountain a worthwhile read.

    3. Thanks, Mound. I shall definitely check them out.

  2. Trudeau wooed the electorate with loads of inspirational talk but has been incapable of transforming talk into reality. Like Liberal leaders before him, Trudeau pitched a shopping list of reforms but they never reflected a particular vision. For example his father campaigned for a "just society" and won over the Canadian public to that vision.

    Mulroney's Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords, while ill thought out and deeply flawed, still reflected Mulroney's vision of a better Canada, a more harmonious Canada.

    Trudeau, sadly, is focused on trade whether it's death wagons for the Saudis or bitumen for the fossil fuelers or free trade pacts with the US and Asia Pacific. There's no demonstrable vision to that. It's a pursuit of ever greater GDP. There's something eerily Harperesque to it.

    I think most of us are apprehensive, even a bit leery of visionaries. We have to be sold before we accept these notions but that's the measure of real leadership. That's a quality absent from the recent crop of leaders of both major parties.

    1. Absence of true leadership has become a modern plague, Mound. Trudeau is in good company.