Monday, April 9, 2018

The Kids Are Alright

You may note that in the title of this post, I chose the informal version of all right, lest there be any doubt about the ideology of many young people today. Hardly conservative in their propensities, it would seem that many of them are awaking to the potential for power that they have, as long as they are able to keep alive the surging outrage welling within them, the most recent catalyst, of course, being the Parkland shooting.

It would seem the survivors of that shooting are playing the long game in order to keep their mission for sensible gun laws alive. Here is their latest effort at deepening the momentum they have thus far achieved in raising crucial awareness that their country needs sane gun laws, the deep obstructionist efforts of the NRA and their supporters, including bought-and-paid-for corrupt politicians, notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, galvanized by the diseased leadership of Trump, and a sign that democracy is not entirely dead, a record number of women are running in the U.S. midterms.

Now, if we can only convince Canadians out of their complacency, maybe the least we can accomplish is strong turnouts in pending provincial and federal elections.


  1. .. April 20 ..

    a quiet revolution .. goes full tilt loud
    Scumbags like Trump will try to surf the wave
    pretend they are onside and encouraging

    That's the day schools empty
    and scumbags with guns try to threaten them..

    The kids are warming to the task
    This will get crazy real fast

    1. These are fraught times, Sal, and desperation can lead to many things.

  2. I don't dare imagine their success, Lorne. The disappointment, should they falter, is a feeling becoming increasingly hard to absorb.

    1. These young people look to me, Mound, as if they will not take "no" for an answer passively.

  3. .. Mound is quite right.. but
    the job for us greybeards
    is to be there & squared up
    with the helping hands

    We aint useless.. quite the opposite
    we can be remorseless & supportive
    Real leadership arrives from all angles

    1. I completely agree, Sal. We all have a role to play in issues of grave import.

  4. This is the time for the old folks to tell the next generation that we have their backs.