Thursday, April 5, 2018

He Talks A Lot

... but doesn't seem to say much.

Here is our Prime Minister on anti-Trump protests:


  1. No, he doesn't say much and what he does say is rarely convincing. Part of that is inevitable for anyone who repeatedly reneges on his own promises. People realize they've been had by a guy who tells them what they want to hear. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me ... uhhh, you can't fooled again." George w. Bush.

    1. I think increasing numbers of people, Mound, are realizing that this particular emperor is, shall we say, indecently accoutered.

  2. Canadian Prime Minister's have always be circumspect when asked or commenting on domestic resistance and protests against a sitting President.

    Even Harper kept his mouth shut about the Tea Party.

    If you have been following for example, ICE, the Trade War, border issues, hundreds of domestic and international US issues, do you really want Trudeau to "call out" Treason Tribble, who is using every lever he is not constrained by the Courts, Congress, ( a joke) and the Constitution to ruin lives, Companies and relationships he resents, to turn his ire further North?

    1. I certainly understand your perspective here, Jay, and don't really disagree with it. However, there comes a time, I believe, when Canada needs to articulate its values and speak for the people. I see Trudeau's silence, even as far back as when Trump started targeting the Muslims, as a failure of both political will and moral backbone.

    2. As an example, Trade War with China.

      Like Syria, Treason Tribble's Minion's just came out to say yesterday, that Treason Tribble's tweet's arn't policy, and that the US Treasury Department won't be imposing sanctions on China, until 2019 at the earliest, and only if Trade Talks with China, ( that don't exist and havn't been scheduled), don't go well.

      Meanwhile China's gone ahead with the first round of tariff's, slamming the Red State economies, and starting the process of the second round of tariff's, which will massively double down on Red State economies.

      In the past, Dubya Dubya Mee Too, for example, Canadian Prime Minister's and US Presidents could less than politely, agree to disagree. US President's were slightly disinclined to cut off their own noses to spite their face.

      Treason Twittler, however, rage tweets and tries to rage policy off of what ever he see's on Faux and Fiends in the am, and Hannity in the pm, and with his lastest hires, is less and less constrained.

      Can you imagine what could happen if Trudeau was less circumspect and Scheer or the other Treason con's ran south to Faux with that clip, ( like they tried to do with NAFTA)?

      If Canadian's, from the Prime Minister on down, want to support Indivisible, The Resistance, The Parkland Kids, Planned Parenthood, BLM, etc, the best they can do, right now is donate, money or "in kind" support.

      We really don't need a bunch of Ammosexuals, Nazi's, Deplorables and Gullabillies "deputizing" themselves to patrol the Canadian border, or figure out that Quebec lisence plates means that a vehicle is from Canada.