Sunday, December 31, 2017

Voter Suppression And Gerrymandering

Robert Reich does his usual fine job of warning about threats to American society and democracy posed by the entrenched interests who care nothing for principle and everything about the acquisition and retention of power:

Voting rights are under attack. States across the country have adopted voter suppression laws and the Trump administration could try to implement similar measures at the national level. We must stay vigilant. The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy.


  1. These folks know they don't -- and won't -- have majority support, Lorne. so their solution is to rig the game.

  2. .. was it Paul Simon who sang..
    50 ways to leave your lover ?
    Somehow your excellent reference
    brought that to mind..

    If they don't love/vote for you..
    jilt them, dump them, insult them..
    it must be their fault.. after all
    so screw them over completely..

    Maybe Harper Valley PTA
    is more apropos.. i dunno
    Will get back to you in 2018

    muchos gracias.. senor..
    for your excellent & calm
    journalism & leadership..

    We need many more exemplars
    .. cut from similar cloth as you

    1. Thank you, Sal. May 2018 give us all occasion for optimism.