Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nothing New To Report

Here is a perfect illustration of why unfettered capitalism and ethics are incompatible:
Canada’s national pension fund manager is among a group of Canadian companies that are undermining the federal government’s international anti-coal alliance by investing in new coal power plants overseas, an environmental organization says.

Friends of the Earth Canada joined with Germany’s Urgewald to release a report today looking at the top 100 private investors putting money down to expand coal-fired electricity — sometimes in places where there isn’t any coal-generated power at the moment.

The report lists six Canadian financial companies among the top 100 investors in new coal plants in the world. Together, Sun Life, Power Corporation, Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, Royal Bank of Canada, Manulife Financial and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board have pledged $2.9 billion towards building new coal plants overseas.
The fact that the corporate world extols maximum profit at any cost largely limits government goals on climate change mitigation to the aspirational:
While Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is claiming to be a global leader on phasing out the dirtiest of electricity sources, private investors are “undermining that commitment,” says Friends of the Earth senior policy adviser John Bennett.

Canada and the United Kingdom last month teamed up to launch the Powering Past Coal Alliance, trying to bring the rest of the world on side with a campaign pledge to phase out coal as a power source entirely by 2030 for the developed world and 2050 for everyone else.
Clearly, this post reveals nothing new, eh?


  1. .. in many ways, a depressing day for moi..
    My reading (and writing) - blogs - twitter - Google news etc etc ran aground on a lee shore.. took a pounding while holding my breath for a shift in the wind.. Your article re our pension fund headed in the wrong direction of course, Mound fired some zingers (Site C debacle) as did Owen with one re the planet's ever shrinking resources of soil, water etc vs an evergrowing population in the context of climate change & planet warming..

    And of course we see the complete stunned processes of Canada's captured government and political parties. Kenney et al pimping toxic dogma, Horgan doing a political backflip, Ms McKenna trying mightily to juggle conflicting talking points with Andrew Scheer shouting in her face daily. Oh deary me.. are we in trouble on spaceship earth & the rather special passenger compartment called Canada.

    Of course a huge concern is the rabid elephant to the south, who's CEO wants NASA to send astronauts to Mars.. but while voting as absentees in the New York mayoralty election, nobody in his entire family was able to successfully submit a vote that could be counted. I won't even touch the rest of the tRumphian lunacies, crudities and outright serial deceits.

    Maybe tomorrow will bring better news, better realities etc to light.. but I won't hold my breath.. its unhealthy & probably unrealistic..

    1. Like you, Sal, I long for better news, but also like you, I am not hopeful any is in the offing.