Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kool-Aid, Anyone?

Unless you have taken a strong slug of a particular Kool-Aid, I suspect you will be suitably appalled by the following. Indeed, the responses of the folks who were asked what it would take for Donald Trump to lose their vote reminds me of an old tune sung by Tammy Wynette.


  1. I shake my head each time I read the letters, statements and editorials bemoaning the low voter turnout that inevitably appear in the press in the wake of most of our elections.

    When I used to canvas or work pulling the vote and I would encounter an individual bragging about his indifference to the process, I would congratulate him on his decision and quickly depart the scene, leaving this member of the Silent Majority unmolested in his ignorance and, often I'm sure, scratching his head in puzzlement over the praise.

    Trump, or something much alike and possibly worse, is what you get when enough of these "well-all-I-know-is" people are successfully targeted for exploitation.

    I dread the arrival of Internet voting or some other such contrivance that would reduce the voting effort sufficiently to motivate these citizens.

    1. You make an excellent point here, John; one of the things that has given me some solace during the rise of Trump is the hope/expectation that many who allege their fealty to the demagogue-who-would-be autocrat have likely never voted in their lives, and lack the wherewithal to register themselves. I think we would agree that there are already more than enough vulgarians involved in politics.